Friday, April 13, 2012

Some more pretty little details...

Life is in the details...here's a few more...

 I love my bed!  I love to sleep! A soft, soft comforter. Roses on pillows and a little sparkle!  Zip is my favorite childhood toy, so of course he gets the best spot in the house.  Above my bed is this little outdoor chandelier.  I decorated it with silk flowers and a little sparkle/wire strand from the craft store.  I found this old, paper mache moon at a antique store and knew he was perfect to hang from my pretty chandelier!
A little white, wicker dresser that I decorated with some of my favorite things...
This is a sweet little outfit my daughter used to wear as a baby.  I loved my years as a young Mother, so seeing these things makes me happy.  I hung a couple of baby ornaments on the hanger, along with a pretty little bag of lavender.
On top of the dresser are things that are precious to me.
I covered this lamp shade with a vintage, sheer, pink baby dress.  On top of that I added some of my Grandmothers jewelry.
favorite photos, art (my original Lisa Kaus), special personal gifts, my Grandmothers jewelry...all these things bring me happiness.

a wall filled with love...

I hang and display my Grandmothers jewelry everywhere.  It's much too pretty to put away in a box.

This is a little vintage tea cup and saucer that I filled with her lovely pieces!

Pretty details are all over the place!

 This darling little fairy makes me happy everytime I see his cute face.  I bought him at a Christmas boutique in Oregon.  He is hand made, with lots of love, by the very talented artist Colleen Sohn.  He is full of detail and I even hung one of my Grandmothers necklaces on him!


Make your life and your surroundings special to you-you deserve it!  We all do!
Love, Kelly


  1. Kelly,
    I love your treasures and how you've used them to decorate with. How wonderful to see things everyday that have a special meaning to you. I totally agree that we should surround ourselves with things we love and that make us happy. After all, we live in our homes and that is where we spend the bulk of our time. We should be comfortable and happy there.
    Thanks for sharing, Kelly. I loved seeing this.
    ♥ audrey

  2. Oh Kelly what a beautiful loving spot you have created ! Love love love it ! I will be moving from the farm to the town my son and DIL live. I am anxious and excited for this new chapter in my life ! Youve inspired me to make my new home show who I am !!! Love you sweets !!! Hugs.. Kristy, Angel and the gang !!!

  3. Love all these beautiful treasures:O) You have created a special space that oozes Love and Comfort:O) Thanks for sharing Love that chandelier

  4. Hi Kelly, I found you by pressing some photo on someone's blog and I found ya. Love your blog and all the pretty things you have. I love the little trinkits that you have in the tea cup. Do you have an Etsy shop? Are you online like facebook or do you do any swaps with people. I am a follower now. Hugs, Francine

  5. thanks for the tour of your new home and new life..the chandelier is awesome!!!..it was fun to see the fairy again,too..sorry we did not get to meet when you lived here in Oregon....I may take a road trip to Calif some day!!!
    Heart Hugs,