Saturday, June 19, 2010

WELCOME to my art studio...

WELCOME to my art studio, my sanctuary, my little piece of heaven...I hope to get to know you and I hope you enjoy your visit :)
Love, Kelly

When you first walk in to my studio, you come through a doorway of beautiful beads, as a little warning that you are entering a magical world :)


First I must introduce you to Cooper. He is my darling and he is always with me in my studio. Infact, he follows me where ever I may go. He is my littlest love. Here he is sitting on my Ikea lounge chair in my studio.

This is my computer desk area, where I take care of "business" or just waste alot of time on the internet or facebook :)

This is a lamp on my desk that I simply decorated with an antique baby dress and some of my Grandmothers old jewelry.

I think it looks so pretty with the light on.

This is a nice wall unit I use to store this and that...

and that and this....
Dolls and books and baskets, oh my....
And I love hanging things from the ceiling, don't you?
I love decorating with my daughters old baby dresses too.
Words to live by....
This is a little chandelier hanging above that cute little Ikea lounge chair.  Oh the things you can do with the all mighty glue gun!

This is a wall I use to display some of my artwork.  I bought these cables at Ikea and they come with little clips so you can easily change out what ever you have hanging there.  I love it!

Some of my artwork:  Maxine, Belinda, and Rosie

Above is just my attempt at being organized-hahaha
And also some artwork from some artists that I admire....

A book shelf full of supplies and stuff....
stuff, stuff, and more stuff!
and of course it's always good to have inspiration near by!************************************************

This good witch hangs above my work table to send me good mojo-I hate to lock her up, but I don't want her to get away!
My work table-full of scratches, dents, paint, and charm!

My easle-I found this about 18 years ago at a garage sale-It's one of the old, good ones!
I hung this Ikea cable above my work table, for more space to display my artwork.  If you don't have one of these set up, you should really think about getting one-they are great!

I use this big pink "hamper" to collect all my scraps of paper and then I just toss them into the recycle bin.
Oh yes, I almost forgot to show you my window treatment...I hung up some of my daughters old baby dresses, some cloth roses, a pretty pink scarf with feathers on both ends, and some pretty glittered stars for a little sparkle!    Gotta have sparkle!  haha...
Well, there it is, my little studio.  The place where I spend the majority of my time and the place that brings me peace.  I hope you enjoyed your visit and I hope you will come back again and again!  Love to you, from right here in Oregon!  Sincerely, Kelly