Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My alter....

This morning I took some pictures of my alter table.  I have collected some special things that I keep on this table.  These are some of the things I cherish...
I love Buddahs.  There is something so peaceful about them.  I have collected quite a few, but I just can't seem to get enough of them.  Around this one are some crystals and stones that I've collected from different people and places.  Around his  neck is a necklace that Ron brought back from Tibet.  This is one of my favorite Buddahs.

  This beautiful Pieta used to belong to my Grandmother, Mildred Campbell.  Her and I were really close and I miss her all the time.  She experienced too much loss for one person to ever go through in a life time.  This statue always makes me think of her, holding her own son, my uncle that died in a practice flight, when he was a pilot in the army.  His name was William Samual Campbell II.  He was a co-pilot on an F-16.  He died before I was born.  He was my Dads older, only brother and he was my Grandmothers first born son. I believe he watches over me.       Also, next to the statue is my Grandmas bible.  These pieces are really special to me.
This statue is so special, because it came from the coffin of my husbands Grandmother.  Her and I held a special relationship of true friendship, and I miss it often.  I know she is happy to be in heaven with her true love, as she missed him terribly after he died, and she was left without him.  She was a beautiful lady.
A few more Buddahs...The ivory elephants belonged to my Grandmother, as did the bracelet in the front.  She loved to travel and bring home suveniers.
Haha, another Buddah...I think this one belonged to my Grandmother also.  The elephant is a little box I got in Thailand.  The bracelet I made when I went to BG Camp; there I learned so, so much, and met such beautiful souls that forever have touched my life.  The glass jar with the word DREAM comes from a wonderful time spent with incredible women, whom I love and admire.  The sister rock in front comes from a very special soul, one I'm never letting go of-BFSSF.

So this is my alter...a place where I can keep my most cherished things.  Where I can go to feel comfort and peace.  Where I can go to remember people and experiences.  Where I can pray or ask for guidance. Where I can go to feel calm.

Love is my religion.  I love God.  I love Jesus.  I love Buddah and the peace he gives me.  I love my family.  I love my friends.  I love peace.  I love simplicity.  I love quiet.  I love laughter.  I love memories.  I love clarity. I love to create.  I love new experiences.  I love learning. I love naps.  I love sleep. I love sunshine.  I love the ocean.  I love beaches.  I love my dog Cooper.  I know I will love heaven.  Oh there is just so much to love.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Newest painting....

This is my newest painting in progress.  I actually pulled out an old, unfinished painting of mine from about a year ago, and started re working it.  It will be called...WHE SANG A LULLABY TO THE MOON

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Her Generosity.....

All finished....
12 x 12
mixed media
oil pastel, acrylic, graphite, collage