Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hmmmm....my beliefs are simple....

I just walked on the treadmill this morning.  Now as I cool down, I'm sitting at my computer and I feel like typing these words.  My beliefs are simple.  This is a belief of mine:  Everyone of us has an obligation to God, to live OUR truth.  I believe God wants everyone of us to be happy.  Sometimes we stray off of our lighted path, and into the darkness.  That is when we need to quiet ourselves and listen.  God will show us how to get back to the light and back to our truth.  We owe it to ourselves and to God to try our best to stay on our lighted path, the one God has intended for us.  That is where we will learn all of our lifes lessons.  That is where we will grow in our relationship with Him.  That is where we will find peace and love.

To shut our eyes to the truth and to what needs to be seen is the same as putting up a wall between us and our intended path.  This is so sad because when you refuse to see the truth, then you block yourself from learning what it is that God wants you to learn.  When you refuse to learn, you also hurt your own relationship with Him.

To deal with difficulties in a passive-aggressive way and without words and truth is so useless.  It's not only useless, it's harmful and it keeps that person in the dark and lost.  No good can come from that.  Life is a constant journey.  It's a journey of life lessons and love.  It's always changing and growing and evolving.  If you stop in your tracks and close your eyes you will miss it all.

Life is short and precious.  There is no room or time for hatered or silly mind games.  Say what is in your heart.  Love the ones that mean the most to you.  Have compassion for everyone.  Enjoy this beautiful journey.  Learn everyday.

Mermaid and Sea Turtle....

Mermaid and Sea Turtle
12 x 12
mixed media
acrylic, oil pastel, collage

Treasure the time you spend with those you love.