Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Missing Renee....

I've been missing Renee lately...Her posts always made me feel so connected to her.  I loved the rawness and openess she had with all of us blog friends.  The other night I was about to fall asleep and I was thinking of her and of my favorite post conversation that we had.  I was missing her, and then I felt her...I felt like she was giving me a hug and my eyes filled with tears and I felt her love.  I hope that doesnt sound too strange to you.  I've had only a handful of moments in my life like that, and when they happen you just know that they are real.  I felt like she was telling me that she was doing well and that she missed me too.  She hasn't met my Grandma yet, and may just wait till I'm up there to introduce them  :)  This moment was probably only about 2-3 minutes long, but I had all these feelings and they were so strong.  They surprised me and made me happy.  Thank you for the visit dear Renee.  It was wonderful.
Here is my favorite post conversation that we had:


Pattee and I talked last year about joining a gypsy caravan. You see Pattee is a vagabond and loves to travel. I love to jump on and off things so I decided to join her.

Sonia had joined and made us a trio and now kj has also joined and made us a foursome. Pattee knows that I am never cooking but I will read the tarot cards to make us some money.

Pattee will make me lobster and garlic butter and all kinds of specialty dishes so I won’t have to eat hard cheesies all day.

Sonia has made me a screaming banshee doll and I think she should be in charge of making voodoo dolls and love potions as they go hand in hand quite often as the couple ‘love and hate’.

kj will make a perfect pickpocket as I don’t think people will see that coming. She can be really nice and say ‘hey what’s happening and then just slip her hand in their pocket.’ We should be able to keep a good supply of lobster just off of her takings.
Pattee will do all the cooking and will help us outrun the authorities.
I will read the tarot and the palm and charge people a small fortune.
Sonia will make voodoo dolls and love potions.
kj will do all the pick-pocketing as if there were no tomorrow.


Kelly Lish said...

Renee you make me smile! I hope you will write of some gypsy adventures, cuz I would love to read more! If I joined your group, I could bring my little dog Cooper. I could teach him tricks to entertain people and distract them while we rob them blind! hahahaha Ahhhhh what an adventurous life! xo

Darling Kelly of course you are gypsy number 14 and have to come with us. You can pretend you are doing tricks with the dogs and any men or women in the audience will so fall under your spell of beauty the rest of us can rob them blind while you just sit and look pretty. And then you will paint and they will be blown away as they would then see another gypsy not only beautiful but talented.

Love Renee xoxo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Didn't make it...

My piece didn't make it into the Cloth Paper Scissors 2011 calender :(   I am bummed...But I'll just keep plugging along...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Time  grabs us by the heart and leads us to each new path....


Just finished this one this morning...
8 x 10
mixed media
acrylic, ink, pastel, collage, wax

Monday, May 17, 2010


My latest flower piece-just finished this morning...
8 x 10
Mixed Media
acrylic, ink, pastel, collage, wax
I titled this STILL because to  me it looks like early morning and all the birds are still asleep in their houses. :)

Some music I like to listen to when I'm creating :)

I know this is sort of funny...but this CD is so pretty...I listen to it sometimes when I'm painting.  It's really calming and lovely.