Friday, October 15, 2010

favorite things....

One of my very favorite things in this world is bread pudding! MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Like an edible hug :)

a little spice....

So since coming home from Brave Girls Camp, I've been spicing up my wardrobe a bit.  (Thank you Chrissy, for inspiring me with your adorable style!)  A little of this...a little of that!  Us artists can get away with wearing just about anything, so why not take advantage of that, right?!   So I bought these cute little short cowboy boots at Ross the other day for $13 buckaroos, added a little paint and Mod Podge, and Wallah!  I call these my Brave Girl Boots (cuz you need to be pretty brave to wear these puppies! )  But life is short, so I'm just going to WEAR THEM ANYWAY!

Another Brave Girls lesson...

Another Brave Girls lesson just smacked me in the face (more like a sweet kiss actually)...

When I was growing up, my family didn't go to church.  We believed in God and my Mom would tell us bible stories when we were little, but we didn't have a church that we attended.  When I was in high school I had 3 best girlfriends...one was  Christian, one was Jewish, and one was Mormon.  So all throughout high school I would go with these friends to their churches, temples, camps, celebrations, etc.  Well it was all good, and I have respect for each and every religion out there.  But for me its pretty much just God and Love-those are my religions.  And I am good with that.  It fits me.

So....the other night I was talking to my husband and he was frustrated with something and I said to him, "honey, I think we just need to know that God has his plan, and even if it doesnt seem like it right this moment, everything will work out just the way he has it planned for us..." and all of a sudden I was smiling and lighter and not worried at all.  The words rang truer than ever before.  I FELT the faith and it felt sooooo warm and safe, like a blanket being wrapped around me.

That was one of those moments that I promise myself never to forget.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Brave Girl memories...

Someone asked us the question-"What were your top 5 memorable moments at BGC?"  This was my answer...

Here are some of mine-in no particular order
1. Tharice's story really got me. It told me that God is in control, no matter what we may think.
2. The giggle fits that Patrice and I shared two nights in a row. My stomach is still sore. I love you Patrice.
3. Watching our sweet Jamie jump into the lake with the girls-It felt so symbolic to me. I love you Jamie-you are stronger than you know ♥
4. Getting off the bus and walking through all the twinkle lights and recieving all the love and hugs-All defenses were down before we could even enter the house. It was magical.
5. Every meal time, watching the women sing and put the food out-everything felt so very symbolic to me-it was like a very lovely, simplified version of life, where love took over every detail. I'm feeling so blessed ♥

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home from Brave Girls....

This is what I wrote in my journal, as I was on my way home from Brave Girls Camp.  It's hard to put into words how incredible and life changing it is.  I am feeling so, so lucky.
"October 9th, 2010-
I'm sitting here in the Boise, Idaho airport, waiting for my flight to go home from Brave Girls Camp.  I feel changed; deeply.  I feel a new sense of love for my family.  I feel like I know myself better than I ever have before.  I feel like I have been rewired, renewed-stronger and better and more at peace.  There has been an awakening deep inside of my core.  I am making a promise to myself right now.  I promise to live my life in this new, wonderful, warm light.  I promise to remind myself of this light and how to turn it back on if it ever goes dim.  I promise.  I promise.  I promise.  I promise to teach my family about this light and to try and shine it on anyone who needs it.  I am blessed.  It's never too late to begin a fresh life.  I am excited to begin.  I have recieved something miraculous.  I promise never to forget. "