Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kindred souls...

You know sometimes you find someone that you feel you have known forever? That feeling that your souls are connectected in some way? Perhaps you were in another life together, saving each other in a battle...or up in heaven, holding each others hands and discussing when you would meet up again. However it works, you know you were destined to be together.

I have a person like that. I am sitting on her couch right now as i type this. I only just met her seven months ago...how can that be? That fact seems totally impossible to my brain and my heart. She is pure comfort to me and I can only hope that I am that to her also.

I sit here in my pajamas, sipping coffee, talking to her and her sweet husband, feeling that I am right where I belong. How often does that feeling ever hit you in a lifetime? I dont know, but I am cherishing the moment and feeling amazed by it.

Life can really be amazing sometimes. As my kids are now 18 and 20, life is slowing down a bit from all the hustle and bustle of four busy lives going in every direction. Simple moments are feeling sweeter, thoughts are feeling deeper, good things are feeling magnetized, and pettiness is feeling wasteful.

How very blessed I am feeling right now, appreciating this moment. How thankful I am for my family, old and new...thank you God, for bringing my soul together with this very special sister of mine. She gives me peace and clarity. Please help me to be able to be the same for her. Life feels good.


  1. It's amazing thing when it happens! And even more amazing is how we meet kindred souls over the Internet and through art groups or just blogging. I would have never imagined this ten years ago. I'm glad you have a great sister-friend in your life!

  2. A special friend like you describe is unique and I believe that when they come into our life it is with a specific purpose.
    Nurture and care for each other as it is a very special blessing.

  3. this post is so beautiful....so full of your heart!

    your lovable, grateful heart!!!

    i adore the both of you and love that you were sharing coffee together in the nest....P and M are truly blessings. as are you!!

    tomorrow is only a day away!!!!


  4. It is so nice for you to share this intimate blog! I hope your friendship continues to grow and bloom!

  5. Kelly, what an inspiring friendship! I too have a friend like this...my best friend Sharon and I grew up two doors from each on other in our hometown, and played together as toddlers. We walked to school together every day from 1st grade to senior year, and participated in the same sports and activities. We've always been able to share everything with each other, and still have a close relationship despite the fact we both have busy family lives. Her 4 children and my stepson have gotten to be really good friends, too, so our friendship has now entered its 2nd generation! She has a sixth sense that is uncanny; she's called me on certain occasions, with a "feeling" that something was wrong or that I needed to talk...that's how connected we are.

    Also, thanks for your kind words on my blog! I am so glad to have made your acquaintance, and look forward to discussing art and life with you in the future!:-)

  6. i so wish i had been able to make the gathering.
    i worked hard not to be bummed out. i miss my
    girls and would have loved to sat and chatted with

    i look forward to getting to know you better even
    if it is over this crazy laptop.