Thursday, August 11, 2011


Sometimes life is not so smooth.  I don't really like the bumpy times, they give me stress and anxiety, but I know that there is always some life lesson to be found in them.  So when they come my way, I will try to find the lesson that is hiding underneath all the ick.  And then when I think I have found it, I will let go of the stress it caused me and try my hardest to be thankful for the lesson learned.  I will ask God to take away the hurt and anxiety and to make me stronger for it instead.

A recent lesson I have learned is that sometimes people are not what they want you to think they are.  Some people dont wish goodness for you. Some people are miserable and will only be happy if you are miserable too. Some people hold themselves above others and refuse to look at their own actions or even to take responsibility for their own lives, and the lives that they have made or touched negatively.  Some people shut their eyes to what is right in front of them and go on hurting themselves and others.  I have learned that communicating with these people is impossible because they will only hear what they want to hear.  I have learned that I dont need to have these kind of people in my life.  I have learned that I am only responsible for learning my life lessons and that I cannot help someone else learn theirs if they dont want the help.  I have learned that it is okay to be myself, to be honest and true.  I've learned that sometimes it's okay to let go.  It's okay to be happy.


  1. You are so true with this statement, these days it is a big challenge to communicate with people, I think we can honestly say it is all our surroundings, everything what is going on in this country, around the world, too many negative influences, nothing positive.
    But like you said, you have to have happiness in your life. I have been a regular follower of your blog.

  2. That is a super hard thing to come to grips with Kelly. It's a tough lesson to learn.

  3. i adore you and love you...

    you are wise and brave and strong and deserve nothing but HAPPINESS!!!


  4. Kelly you have a lot of wisdom in here. I think of relationships with others as being like a wheel - a circle. It is the inner core of the wheel that is strong - this is where your true friendships and relationships sit - strong and secure. Around the edge there are the many, many people that are part of your life.
    They can be there for a long time. They can move closer to your inner core.
    some of them are like the wet dirt that your tyres pick up on a journey. They may be there for a while, they may stay dried there but when you give your wheels a good clean away they will go.
    That good clean is what you are doing now!
    It is most certainly good to let go. After all you only ever need chains for those very short times of heavy snow!
    Your creativity is so extraordinary enable yourself to spin free so we can share your beautiful creations.

  5. Kelly, I have been in the same situation as you more than once. We must take control of our lives and have to let go, as you said. So my policy is thus: Love the poople who treat your right and pray for the one who don't.

  6. The is people not poople(sorry)

  7. Ah girlie, I hope your sadness and hurt was short-lived and your prayers were answered. What an uplifting message and reminder to us of how we are loved, and how we need to take care of ourselves. I adore you, and I'm so sorry that you had a second of sadness!

  8. Sweet girl, I love you so much and i hurt cause you hurt....
    Stay in the truth that your heart is showing you!
    Believe in LOVE... it heals and brings life, it believes the best.
    Love brings LIFE!


  9. Ah, Kelly, you are a wise one. Loving oneself is very important, for how can we love others if we don't love ourselves.
    Some people are masters of foolery and some people thrive on negativity. Although I try to be kind to all, it's hard to lead a good happy life filled with love and kindness for others, when some people are sucking those very things out of you. It is best to move on and leave them behind.
    You are a beautiful soul, Kelly. I wish you no sorrow and days filled with joy!
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts.
    ♥ audrey

  10. WoW!!! Just what I have been going through while taking care of my Mom for over a year, until she died on June 3rd. I saw her die as low painful death and pass at home with me. Some people I trusted, who were there ... have suddenly decided they can't handle what all I have to deal with. I lost myself taking care of Mom, it changes a person when one goes thru that...I feel blessed for being able to have done it, it was a gift...and I will be stronger for it.But I would never be so selfish to someone and drop them when they are going thru the worst time in their life. I was told, after I had my life and all the things I had to do completed, then we would see about communicating again...oh really!!! I really thought I knew this person and found out I never knew them at all. I have removed negative people from my life...Life is too short to be hurt...I am still taking my baby steps towards "my life" and starting up with my art again. Yesterday was my Mother's birthday and really rough, but I got thru it...with good positive friends who love me.
    I pray that you find and realize that you are a shining star with a lovely soul. Thank you for sharing...xoxoxo