Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In need of. Sunshine!

I am trying very hard to keep depression at bay right now. Living in Oregon is not always so easy for me. It has been dark and rainy for the last 23 days now. In the last month we have had only one day of no rain. I think it is starting to take its toll on me today.

I grew up in Sothern Californis. My bones arent used to being cold all the time and the lack of light is making me just want to sleep all the time. My husband and I are planning on buying a condo in Californis, two years from now, but today that seems a million years away.

Tonight I will say a prayer, asking for patience and some relief from the wet, gray skies. If you have any prayers you can spare, i would sure appreciate it if you could help me pray for some sunshine in Oregon.

Love and thanks,


  1. Done for sure ! Not praying for patience though... you are always tested more. So praying for sunshine to fill Oregon and your sweet heart !! Hugs... Kristy and Angel
    P.S. Angel waving a paw at Cooper !!

  2. Oh sweets... I feel your pain! It seems like it just won't stop, doesn't it? I hope you'll be getting the little break they are promising us this week.

    Sending hugs and prayers!

    Love you so,


  3. Oh my dear friend.... Sending sunshine prayers your way!! You shall see sun very soon. I love you>

  4. I would happily send you some of our sunshine if I could, Kelly. I will say a prayer for sunny skies to appear in Oregon.
    Take care.
    ♥ audrey

  5. Hello Kelly,
    I do hope you are feeling better soon. I heard this song on my way to work and when I read your blog this evening I thought of it. I know what depression is and this is my prayer I offer for you - listen to this video, hope you can open it:



  6. I can relate to what you say although in all fairness i guess we only have dull dark days in Winter and hopefully we are now on our way out of that. I used to have this idealistic idea about Winter being my favourite time of year. Some romantic notion of cuddling up with winter woolies or throws and hot cocoa but like you the shorter days and lack of light start to have an effect. Have you thought of investigating daylight bulbs for use around your home. Or light boxes although i appreciate the latter are probably costly.

    Sunny bright days sent your way :)

  7. Oh Kelly, I know some days are tough. That's why I decided to be happy today. Sometimes it's not that easy with things you can't control, but maybe my post today will at least make you smile. --> http://poetesswug-thewugsbackyardblogspot.blogspot.com/
    Wish I could do something about the weather for you, but that's not 'in my lane'! :-))

  8. I'm so there with you Kelly. I've been looking at houses online in sunny parts of the world and dreaming about flying away from here. I love Oregon though, it's so beautiful here. I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow to lift my spirits.
    Sending sunshiny hugs! :)

  9. I can relate. I've lived in Wisconsin my entire life, but the month of March, with all of its last-ditch snowstorms, cold winds, and gray skies always makes me feel like it's time to seek out a warmer climate!

    Praying for you!:-) It will soon be spring, for real!

  10. As a fellow Oregonian (I'm in Gresham) I can so relate and understand your feelings on this post. In fact, I posted about the exact same thing the other day. It really gets harder to fight off the gray induced depression each year. HOpefully we will have a sunny warm spring and summer. Let's both pray for that!

  11. i do hope you have sunshine by now. i wish i could send some your way. we have lots of it hre in the Philippines. i enjoyed my visit to your blog and your wonderful art