Sunday, January 16, 2011

A challenge for myself 2011

Lately I've been thinking that I need to slow things down.  It seems that life has been in fast motion and fast motion just isn't working for me these days.  For me, it seems that many times I'm busy doing something, but not being 100 % in the moment.  It's almost like I'm doing something with the intentions of getting it done so that I can move on to the next thing that needs to be done.

 Yesterday morning I was taking a shower and thinking of what I needed to do for that day.  I decided to quiet my mind and shut out all the other "things" that were yelling at me in the background, and to just focus on cooking that day.  We were having friends come over and I knew what my menu was going to be, and so I decided that cooking would me my only main goal of the day.  The house was clean, my artwork could wait till tomorrow, and so could anything else.

So I made my list and went to the grocery store.  I didn't hurry.  I took my time and made sure I bought everything that I needed.  I cooked all day.  I enjoyed the smells.  I combined all the ingredients with care and interest.  I tasted my creations.  I tried new things from a cook book.  I didn't even mind doing the dishes.  I felt calm and happy.

I know it's not possible to handle everything in life like this, at least not physically possible.  But maybe there is a way to make my mind and my soul be in the moment 100 %- all the time.  I'm going to be working on this.  I think it's time to give myself this gift.  I also think it's going to be a challenge-hahaha  I wish this for you too.  To live each moment, in that moment 100%.  It could just be the key to happiness!  :)


  1. I know how you feel. I need to take that challenge.

  2. i love that you did this....gave yourself this gift.

    i agree with you completely. it is a definite challenge to do this but i
    caught myself yesterday....out on a date with my husband, mind started to wander on things i "should" be doing and i told myself to just SHUT UP! enjoy this moment...those things can wait, Lord knows they aren't going anywhere!!

    beautiful post my friend.
    your cupcakes look divine!!!!


  3. I'll be right over for one of those cupcakes (wink wink). I can really relate to this. I'm constantly thinking of something else while I'm doing another thing. And I wonder why I feel tired and brainless at the end of the day.
    Glad you enjoyed your day! Sounds devine.


  4. Good for you! I do this all the time....get quiet so I can enjoy my life, I mean. It makes for a Happy Wug!!

  5. it can be so hard for us to shut down our minds. I love that you are intentionally trying to do this. sending you a hug.

  6. The power of living for the moment! Ahhhh...
    Happy to hear you allow this space, what else is there besides enjoying the right now as best as possible!

    Happy I found YOU too :)


  7. I love that you were able to slow down and enjoy your day. I can SO relate to what you are saying. I got some silly survey-among-friends email thing the other day and one of the questions was "what are you most afraid of" and without even stopping to think I typed "running out of time". Big sigh.

  8. Good for you! :) And I love what you've been cooking. :)

  9. Well, I have to say that cooking and baking....along with cleaning .... have often been my "go to" thing if you want to call it by some name.

    When I am a bit down...or ticked off ...or just don't feel like doing much, you'll definitely find me in my kitchen. I feel like it's the one place I know how to find my way around. I know I can read and follow a recipe. I have even made bread so many times now..I don't need the recipe. And..muffins...well, I bake some each week and like to get a few batches ahead in the freezer... so... they are always a feel good recipe for me too.

    Yep.... just doing one thing and doing it well, or feeling great about it is the perfect way to spend a day. Good for you....

    and btw...the cupcakes look mahvelous dahling!

  10. Yummm cupcakes:O) I know what you mean to live in the moment,slowing down is a good thing:O)I personally hate rushing it makes me frazzled and can only lead to a not so good day,when i feel rushed I breathe and go outside yup even if its cold:O) Have a great week:O)