Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Answering a question....

On The Brave Girls Club blog, there is a post that puts out this question.  "What was the hardest thing you went through this last year? And if you were 100 years old, what would your advise be to others about it?"
This was my answer:

The bravest thing I had to do during the past year was say goodbye to my son who started college. September of 2009 was very difficult. Jacob was moving two hours away to live in the dorms at the University of Oregon. I know it doesn’t sound like such a big deal. I know it’s all good. I know it’s all wonderful actually, but at the time it was very hard. Not for him…he fit right in and loved it all. But for me it felt like our family unit wasn’t a unit anymore. It didn’t feel the same without him under our roof. I cried so much during those first few weeks. It almost seems silly now, but at the time I was a wreck. The thought of not being able to hug him or just see his face each day was killing me. I turned to mush and was such a big baby. I even missed out on going to an art retreat that I had signed up for, because I just plain forgot all about the fact that it was right when I was in my funk!
Well fast forward to now. We have gone a full circle year, and he started back up this week for his sophmore year…and guess what? I haven’t even shed one single tear! I’ve realized that nothing; not time away, or miles apart can weaken our bond. I even feel closer to him now than ever before. He is growing into such a wonderful, smart, caring man and I am so, so proud of him. Nothing will ever break that family bond. It is such a relief to know this.
If I were 100 years old, I would try to tell all the Mothers and Fathers that it’s okay to cry, but to know deep inside that it’s a wonderful thing to watch your child fly. It’s a dream come true. Now please, can someone remind me of this next September 2011 when my daughter moves out to start college! I’m sure I will be a total wreck! :)
P.S.  The Brave Girls Club is an incredible, powerful, uplifting and inspiring place.  If you haven't visited this blog, you really should.  Everyone in the world should have such a lovely and safe place to visit....


  1. You made me cry, Kelly.
    A good cry. :)
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I still havent dealt with that my 20yr old decided to attend Community College here so he is still at home:O)I dread the day, I get so sad thinking about it. My past yr has been spent grieving the death of my MOm and almost losing my Dad at the begining of that yr 2 wks later my Dad lost his brother of a major heart attack something he had just survived and my Mom past away from,3 months later my Step grandmother and only grandma Ive known passed away so it has been a very sad yr. If I was 100 and advice I would give, live each moment the way you want have a passion any passion and always tell the ones you Love that you Love them:O) Thanks for sharing Kelly:O)

  3. i too went through this same thing when my sweet boy went off to college. that's when i started again on my artful journey. he is 25 now and i miss his face every day. but when i am blessed to be with him, it feels like we haven't missed a day apart.
    thanks for reminding me of the beauty of a families bond. muah to you!