Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another new, beautiful friend...

This is a note I recieved the other day from a beautiful soul.  I am blessed.

Hello Kelly, 

Hope you are well. I'm really touched by the pice your created in honor of your mother win over breast cancer. I lost a good friend to breast cancer, but she choose not to have modern treatments like chemo. She instead sought homeopathic treatments. 

I am a 31 year old brain cancer survivor. Diagnosed with a benign optic nerve glioma at eight months old and had a reassurance at five years old. This time included surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. Spring 2009 I was diagnosed with a meningioma, a tumor formed from radiation cells left in the body twenty or more years. I'm still standing strong, but tired. I am a woman of faith and love offering others Hope. I speak publicly speak on behalf of people whose lives are affected by brain tumors / cancer. 

I hope to meet you some day. 


I wrote back to her:

Hi Jennifer-
Thank you so much for your note about Celebrate Strength. You just cant imagine how good it feels to get a note like that, that my art actually touched someone. Thank you so much. I'm sorry your friend lost her fight. I'm very lucky to still have my Mom around 15 years after her fight.
Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor called an Acoustic Neuroma. It was the scariest time of my life so far. It was a large tumor in my brain that grew on the hearing nerve. It was non cancerous. October 16 of 2007 I had brain surgery to remove it. They got it all and I am doing great. I lost 100% of my hearing on the left side but it is okay, and I am happy to have a new outlook on life. Sometimes it even can be a positive thing (when I want to take a nap for example!) :) 
I am sorry about your new diagnosis. You must feel frustrated. I hope everything will go perfectly for you and that modern medicine and prayers and miracles will take care of you and your future. Its wonderful that you can be positive and share hope! My thoughts and prayers will be with you and I hope to meet you someday too!
Feels like we already have so much in common!
Love, Kelly

This blog has opened so many doors for me and also opened my heart to some wonderful people....


  1. That was a beautiful, uplifting letter you wrote back to Jennifer :)

  2. Kelly, you are an inspiration, just like you to send such a warm and loving note......
    You always make me feel better when I pop in and read your blog.
    Thank you for being there and giving friends words of comfort and hope!
    Margaret B

  3. this is so beautiful....it is amazing how much this "community" can lift us up, inspire us, form friendships, etc... etc...

    i am so happy that you are doing well and came through your brain surgery okay....i had to giggle a little as my husband is 100% deaf in his left ear as well and how i always have to quickly figure out which side he needs to be on when we are in the movies or at dinner with the family so he can hear me!!! and naps...yes....he always says "okay my good ear is going down into the pillow"!!!

    praises for your mom being a breast cancer survivor as mine is as well....i thank God for early detection as she is over 15 years cancer free!!!

    sending you lots of love on this beautiful friday!

  4. There is a reason for everything under the sun.
    Love to you and everyone else.

  5. Kolleen-that is so funny because that is what I say at night to my
    husband-"goodnight, my good ear is going down now" hahahahahahaha! Im
    laughing out loud to myself right now!

    That is a good laugh and good way to start this day-thank you for that! :)

    Thank you for your very nice words-yes this blog world is really a
    wonderful place-and I don't think others can really understand until
    they join it-ya know? I know that it has definately enriched my life,
    and gives me creative inspiration daily. I feel really happy to be
    connected to so many giving and good people.

    I hope you have a great day and great weekend- Tell your hubby that I
    say hello-but tell him in his right ear for sure :)

    Love to you my friend!